Sunday, 23 August 2009

Boat trip to the Wittering's

Boats at Itchenor, Sussex where my parents met us with their boat, Christian, Faye and I had dash off to a country boot fair first. I found a sweet metal mirror which I will paint cream and antique another day.

We spent the weekend at my parents by the sea and my father has been restoring a boat for the past 10 months and finally two weeks ago she was launched. So a picnic was packed and a day on Puffinus Puffinus was had. The sun was out full strength and the water was calm so perfect for me, as sea sickness and me have not made friends yet.

Spot the boat, where's Puf?

Gorgeous sand dunes at East Witterings we anchored and then took the dingy over to shore. Many people had the same idea the weather was glorious and it is a great spot for jumping of the boat and having a swim.

Puffinus Puffinus as she was in my parents garden on my last visit.

A lovely cream house at Itchenor I love picket fences.

A blue house at Itchenor I just had to take photos for my dream home file, it's the little details that make the houses down here so beautiful.
This is a garage that one house has had built in their garden at the front gate.
I can't wait to finish our shed as I feel a big building project is calling, Christian and I are just chomping at the bit to build our own home in a slatted wood style. The shed has been such a good test for us and we both love working with wood, its good to have goals and dreams. Hope you too are having a lovely weekend where ever you are. xxx

Fish & Chips on the beach waiting for the sun to disappear on the day. Thanks Mum & dad for a lovely weekend.


Torie Jayne said...

Sounds like you had so much fun, I too love white picket fences, and that mirror is lovely x

Dustjacket Attic said...

That just looks fabulous, so very lucky, what a lovely family.


KarenSue said...

Had to stop by and say hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The flowers on pot 6 are silk. I don't usually do that-those where just so beautiful. I'll be back!

Pomona said...

Looks like you had a really great day! Just discovered your blog - I love your pictures.

Pomona x

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Wonderful photos of happy seafaring travelers! Thanks so much for sharing!