Monday, 22 June 2009

Scone today

Our new Birthday range which is an extension of our top selling age range titled Vintage. 6 General female birthday cards all with ribbon bead and a feather.
My cream Kitchen Aid is fab to use, it was my Mothers Day pressie, lucky me.

Today turned out to be a rather fun day here in the office. We had some advert deadlines to meet so chaos decended upon our room. It was props galore and as the new range of cards are based on afternoon tea in Paris and I can't cook macaroons, scones to the rescue. Baking first thing a nice big batch of scones and it was so difficult keeping James from eating the props before the photos were finished.

And of course we just had to eat them, James raced of to buy clotted cream and we sat in the office pretending we were in Devon stuffing our faces.

Gemma, James and I, yes we are completely sane!

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