Monday, 19 November 2007

Messgae from Pretoria

I had a surprise email in my inbox this evening all the way from South Africa which I have copied in below. Having looked up Pretoria on the internet I was delighted to see many beautiful pictures but this image of blue Jacaranda tree's lining the streets was one I just had to share. If you have come across our cards in near or far places in the world, please do drop us a line we would love to hear from you.

Hi Karen! I must congratulate you on all the beautiful cards that you come up with! My name is Dawn von Wielligh, I am 38 years old and stay in South Africa, Pretoria, which is close to Johannesburg (in case you were not sure!) I walked into a shop called Willowbrook a few months ago and saw your beautiful cards, I found it so classic and beautiful I bought the whole bunch! Now I feel too sorry to use them, unless for a very special friend or family member! I contacted your agent in South Africa because this shop does not have any more stock?! I hope to find more of your products or stockists in Pretoria soon, well done on this wonderful venture! Good that someone do believe dreams can come true!

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