Thursday, 17 November 2011

Butterflies Beautiful Butterflies

On a shelf in my home there sits a lovely note book with an inspirational butterfly quote on it, it was a present my husband brought home for me earlier this year. Next to it is a glove print by Gabrielle Woodham a local Geraldton artist and more of Gabrielles work is available from Latitude Gallery which is opposite my store. The pretty pink vase was from a dear friend, I believe came from the lovely Roma a gift store next door to my studio. The West End, which is the end of town where all the aforementioned stores are situated here in lovely Geraldton is fast becoming a very boutique and creative street. We also have the Provincial cafe in the middle of the West End, so pop down and enjoy the weather and a latte.

I love butterflies, as you all know they feature in most of my work. I have recently found the time or the inspiration to pick up the paint brush and put paint to canvas. Meleager's Blue is the title and that is the name for the type of butterfly featured.
Meleager's Blue is now sat in the window of my studio boutique, I used a lovely old easel which belonged to my Grandfather to prop it up on.

A silver plated butterfly, these I so enjoyed designing. I love the way the light catches them and shows the embossing detail.

Butterflies Beautiful Butterflies

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Jane said...

Hello Karen
Just discovered your blog this morning. It's beautiful. congratulations on your Aust. store. Hope you don't mind if I follow along. best wishes, Jane x