Tuesday, 9 August 2011

So Busy

life is certainly busy at the moment what with traveling back to the UK for Harrogate Home & Gift and now we are back in Australia again we have so much work to catch up on as well as renovating the house. I so desperately want to move in to our little house but it is going to be a long while yet before that can happen as you will see in the photo below.....

Yesterday was my birthday and I though I should take the day off and have a tea party with my friends and so Sunday night I spent rummaging through all my packed boxes in the garage for my vintage cups & saucer, table cloths, bunting, trimmings and cake stands to decorate the table. We did have fun and far to many cupcakes :)

1 comment:

MBFGW said...

Karen - Everything looks stunning
Wishing you every bit of luck going that you get your little haven renovated in jig time and that it is soon filled with your stunning little lovelies and will be bursting with love.
Glad life is busy - best way to be
CM x