Saturday, 28 May 2011

How to build a New England Style Shed?

Whilst day dreaming through the library I stumbled upon this fantastic book "Sheds" and to my delight it shows you how to calculate and build the most amazing sheds. With every turn of a page more detail and sketches of the most wonderful New England styled sheds......... perfect for my studio that I want to build at the bottom of the garden of our new home to be. Sorry forgot to mention we got all approvals yesterday on the house and we will be completing and in, in just 21 days from yesterday!

The book is titled "Sheds, the Do It Yourself Guide for backyard builders" and is written by husband and wife team David & Jeanie Stiles whom live in one of my most favorite places in the whole world.... The Hamptons, NY. David builds sheds and he is very talented at it I must say. A perfect read if you want to see how to build a New England Style Shed.

I cant wait to start building the what colour should I paint it???

This weeks suggested book- Sheds

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A Melbourne Girl said...

Oh Karen...congrats on getting aproval for your new home! ! ! The seds are lovely. Can't wait to see your progress in setting up the new house.