Saturday, 29 May 2010

Relax your worth it

I am frantically trying to pack, organise Faye and Christian as well as finishing some work off. We fly Sunday afternoon to NY and Faye is bouncing around the house totally excited and hyper. Enjoy your weekend everyone, I will be taking a break from blogging for the next week but will be back hopefully with so many photos of some fab places to visit in New York, The Hamptons and Boston.
I will be checking my mail so if you think of where to go let me know.

photo by Davis Loftus


A Melbourne Girl said...

Karen, in New York, a visit to the UN is a must. It's an hour or so tour and it's fabulous. Also, there are double decker buses that go all over the city. We used them like a hop on hop off taxi very well spent.

A night visit to the top of the Rockefellar centre is also gorgeous! as well as the usual tourist destinations.

In Boston, well it's a lovely city! A great walking city too, so get your walking shoes on and just go for it. You'll have a wonderful time!
All the best...Lesley

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Are you still in NY? Tea at the Met is so fun... and if you want tea service with a view, head to Robert at Columbus Circle at the top of the museum. The view of central park is unparalleled!