Monday, 7 December 2009

Let's make a Christmas tree

Having gone to the local garden centre to get a tree on Saturday and spending a few pennies on some yummy decorations I had a crazy idea..... "Lets make our own Christmas tree", so we did.

It's fun making things for Christmas and we all forget how and simply buy the finished article, be it the yule log or a door wreath. Together as a family we had fun making the Christmas tree and now we are all in the mood for making the rest of the decorations for the house. Go on have a go yourself it will get you into the christmas spirit. xxx

6. I decided that I wanted the tree to be white so water based emulsion paint was in the shed and worked perfectly. Now for the decorating this evening when Faye comes home from school.

5. Once happy with the shape take in doors.... no that should have been put the last branches on in the house unless you live in a castle and your door is extra wide!!!!!

4. Start layering up the branches to form the shape and hold in place with string or cable ties. ( I know the ties are plastic but the string we had to hand would not hold )

3. Use ready available resources, the garden parasol stand will keep this tree up right. Rub the branches with a wire brush to remove all loose bark and dirt.

2.Remember to take your donkey along to carry it back, foot power no petrol used in the delivery of this tree.

1.First you need to find a fallen tree, it must be a fallen tree after all this is going to be our eco tree.


Anonymous said...

haha~ funny!.thank .you for .your ..share.....

Cherylmarie McAtamney said...

Well done Karen,

Looking Forward to the finished article