Friday, 17 July 2009

Bags are packed and the Van is full

Our bags are packed and the van is full and it is time we were on the road. We are off to Harrogate today for our favorite trade show of the year. It will take a good 4hrs to drive there and then we have to get the van unloaded. The floor must be laid today as well as the tables made, so we should sleep well tonight. Tomorrow we will dress the stand find a parking space for the van and it does not more until next wednesday. Harrogate is such a beautiful place full of town house's and gorgeous shops. I will try and keep you all posted as to the events of the week, fingers crossed for no rain. Bye for now.
PS see you there x

Images 1/2/3/4 Photographer Corrie Bond 2c


Dustjacket attic said...

Have a wonderful time. love your pic's, I have the last two, so

Angela Levin said...

Thanks very much for the comment on my photographs. I LOVE your blog, your
website - the beautiful beautiful jewellery, cards and are
living my dream!! I do design my own cards and wedding stationery - but your
designs are something else. I share your love of butterflies, gorgeous
colours and all things delicate and elegant. I will be visiting often!!

Nora Johnson said...

Just stopped by to say you’ve been “tagged” with another Award!

Terrific post as always!btw love glass jewellery!

Have a wonderful day & see you again soon!