Friday, 20 March 2009

Fortnum & Mason Spring windows

Friday I had to pop into London and visit the passport office, I seem to have miss laid Fayes and my passport, Ops!! And we fly shortly for a quick holiday to Australia but thankfully the passport office do a fast service. But before jumping on the train home I just had to stop by Fortnum & Masons, one of my favorite stores. Their Spring windows are as usual fantastic, full of beautifully made props and dressed with attention to detail.

Windows are such an important part of retail and so many stores do not make the most of theirs. When Mum and I had the shops we would change the window displays weekly, it was amazing as to the amount of new people they would attract into our gift shop. Using props from home such as pieces of furniture to raise some heights and different levels or wrapping boxes and turning them into giant wrapped parcels for colour and pattern make for eye grabbing windows. Have fun and make your store more interesting , make it stand out on your high street. We have some beautiful vintage luggage at Cavania that make fantastic window props I will post some photos next week.

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