Monday, 2 February 2009

White Blanket

We have set up the Spring Fair stand and the first day of the show was yesterday, I will post some pics soon. Thank you to all for attending yesterday and a good day was had by all. There were many people from all over the world and it was so lovely to see some of our distributors. Christian and the gang are still there but I had to leave to come home and supervise Faye with school. Weather reports told us of snow coming but to our surprise they were actually right and this is what we woke to see this morning.

James and I managed both get into work this morning despite the weather only to find not many others had braved the roads. A few snow balls later and we decided to go and do some work.

Faye has the day off from school as it has been closed, and I waved goodbye before I went to work as she was adorning all her ski clothes. With her backpack filed with more clothes she was off to walk to a friends house and play for the day.
Tinky was not amused
I haven't seen snow like this here for many years well since I was a child, and snow certainly brings out your childish side. Stay safe everyone and try to enjoy the snow in any way you can, even if it is just looking out the window.

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