Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A few of my favorite things

The sun is out today and all is manic in the world of Cavania. Even though there are not enough hours in the day I still cant believe how lucky I am, every day I wake up and I have a gorgeous family and a wonderful job. All be-it at times stressful but I wouldn't change Cavania in any way. In a happy mood today and here are a few of my favorite things that make me smile.

I adore peonies and my Mum brought with her a bunch when visiting last week, thank you Mum x.
A painting by my late Grandfather Christopher Sanders RA, and my daughters piano. The piano is just over 100 years old and I found it in a junk shop for £50 and that included delivery!! I love listening to Faye practicing.
A treasure find at a local car boot of some vintage greeting cards, with beautiful embroidery and the most darling of messages on the reverse.
In the background my Gustarvian clock a Valentines day surprise present from my very romantic husband. Dated around 1740 and it has a heart shaped glazed detail.

And Meme my furry best friend, she keeps me company all day with cuddles and her moaning, sorry meowing. She is a Tonkanise and is so talkative, she chose her own name because it's always about me- me.

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