Tuesday, 11 September 2007

About Karen Sanders

Cavania was created by Karen Sanders back in 2003 born from the love of stationery and crafting. Having spent 18 years working and developing two wonderful gift stores with her mother Janice, Karen decided to set up her own design company.

"I spent hours making cards and hand painting children's furniture and these were selling faster than I could make them for our two stores and a small collection of other gift shops. I printed my first range of greeting cards called 'Fussy Pots" based upon my daughter Faye who was then 9 and our cat Mimi. It was very long hours assembling the cards and packing the orders but I was so delighted every time the phone rang or the fax machine sent in a 'love letter" as I call them. The Cavania stockist are so encouraging and their loyalty has pushed me on, I am so thankfull and still feel incredibly lucky to be working in an industry that I love."

"In 2004 I left the family business and concentrated on Cavania full time and have never looked back, Mum retired a few years ago and sold the stores as a going concern which I still supply with Cavania products. In 2005 Christian my husband left his job and joined Cavania we work together every day and it's wonderful. I am surrounded by a lovely family, my very creative daughter and my husband Christian runs the business side of things and my Mum even works part time for me as an agent."

Thank you all for your amazing support, I love you all


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