Sunday, 31 May 2009

Day 2 - Building the shed

We have spent the day working so hard with the aim to getting the walls completed but they were a little more tricky then we thought. We have worked the last two weekends in a row and last weekend was spent setting up the trade show so we missed out on our bank holiday. Tomorrow we are taking the day off and spending it on the shed I do hope the weather stays as gorgeous as it has been.

I have been thinking about the finishing touches and thought that we should wood clad the shed and make some scolloped panels to edge the roof. Not sure as to the the window or door yet, cant find any cute wood ones at the DIY stores so tomorrow I am going to pop into a salvage yard and see if there are any that would suit.

Neither Christian or I have made a building from scratch before and this has been a great learning curve. We have both wanted to build our own colonial style wooden home for some time now so this has been really fun, so far!

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