Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My most favorite creature

I saw my first sea dragon on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia back in 2002. It was in an aquarium and I had never heard of a sea dragon before. They were so beautiful I was mesmerized to the point of total amazement, what a wondrous planet we live on. Here are just a few photos of these tiny creatures. I would love to win the lottery one day and drop out of society to spend the rest of my life being a bare foot hippie protecting these magical creatures.


Lo said...

Wow, Woow! So beautiful! I love those creatures to! I never haved seen them in theese form before. Thank you for showing them!

Lo said...

Hi, again... I just must tell you: In Sweden we call them "Lakehorse" and in England Seadragon. That will be "Havsdrake" in swedish. I like that better. ;o)